More than 98 million square feet refinished!
More than 14 million square meters refinished!

About Us

Mr. Sandless is the company that invented Sandless refinishing!

Our traditional service uses wet solutions and our high-speed machine to prepare your floor. Then we detail, seal with multiple coats of commercial grade sealer, and finish with your choice of matte, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss finish.

We offer the best warranty in the business, guarantee your satisfaction, and most services are complete in just one day.

Many locations also offer dustless refinishing, tile refinishing, carpet removal, furniture move and replace, carpentry and new installation. Contact your local Mr. Sandless for more details.

What company is the real "#1 wood refinisher in the world"? Our count (to the end of Jan 2024) 14,720,758 square meters refinished! Living Rooms Refinished: 84,460, Dining Rooms Refinished: 46,998, Bedrooms Refinished: 66,546, Kitchens Refinished: 61,881, Apartments Refinished: 29,743, Stairs Refinished: 22,870, Bathrooms Refinished: 31,965. No other company refinishes more wood than Mr. Sandless!

How we do it

Step 1

Our Proprietary Wet Process

How We Do It Step 1

Step 2


How We Do It Step 2

Step 3

Color, Seal and Finish

How We Do It Step 3

What kind of floors can we do?

All 22 species of real wood floors
All 22 species of real wood floors
All 22 species of real wood floors
Antique and Historic floors
All 22 species of real wood floors
Prefinished and Engineered floors
All 22 species of real wood floors
All types of Laminate flooring
All 22 species of real wood floors
Plank pine floors
All 22 species of real wood floors
Parquet floors
All 22 species of real wood floors
Commercial or Residential
All 22 species of real wood floors
Cork and Bamboo floors
All 22 species of real wood floors
All Types of Tile

Costs less than sanding

Mr. Sandless costs less than sanding because there is nothing to clean up, most services complete in just one day, and we are a certified green service that is kid and pet safe!

Costs less than sanding
No dustto clean up!
Costs less than sanding
Done in 1 dayyou don't have to move out!
Costs less than sanding
Non-toxicsafe for your kids and pets!

What our client says


Apartments and Realtors

  • Anneka Geddes Asset Management , Perth
  • Airey Property Management , Perth
  • West Coast Property Maintenance , Perth
  • Big Ben Homes , Perth
  • RE/MAX Real Estate , Brisbane
  • Grosvenor Apartments , Brisbane
  • Grand Central Hotel BNE , Brisbane
  • Allure Stradbroke Resort , Brisbane
  • Supreme Property Management , Brisbane
  • Harcourts Real Estate , Brisbane

Miscellaneous Commercial Outlets

  • GI Cole & Associates , Perth
  • Wembley Cycles , Perth
  • Mattie Furphy House (Heritage) , Perth
  • Southern Cross Care , Perth
  • Forty Winks , Brisbane
  • NOV Wellbore Technologies , Brisbane
  • W Hotel , Brisbane

Bars and Restaurants

  • Murphy’s Irish Pub, Perth
  • The Precinct Restaurant , Perth
  • Spicy Affair Restaurant , Perth
  • Riverdeck Restaurant , Brisbane
  • Electric Avenue Bar & Restaurant , Brisbane


  • Wesley College , Perth
  • Perth College Anglican School for Girls , Perth
  • Sweet Artist Academy , Perth

Community Centres

  • Senior Citizens Centre , Perth
  • Regis Aged Care , Brisbane


  • Metro Church , Perth

We refinish any type floor in just hours with no mess, minimal odors and excellent results.

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